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Francesco Filippi is not only skilled in the intricacies of technical animation, but also believes technique lives in service of exceptional story-telling and profound character development”.

(Giovanni Russo – coordinator of Lucca Comics)


Francesco Filippi is a highly talented Italian animator, screenwriter and story editor. He has worked with a number of top Italian studios, helping to create several fantastic feature films and television series. He has also shown his ability as a director in a series of short films focused on social issues. He has spent the last few months  courageously and tirelessly working on his current film, which promises to be a landmark in the world of stop-motion animation”.

(Luca Raffaelli – La Repubblica)


Francesco Filippi has been on my radar for some years now. His work as film, commercial and stop-motion director is consistently exciting, innovative, beautiful and brilliant. Very high standards of delivery never compromise his ambition and creativity: he aims high and his films and animations reflect that – apparently effortlessly so. His work ethic is exemplary. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with him briefly on ‘Mani Rosse’ (Red Hands) as Artistic Consultant, and was deeply impressed by his transferral of idea to concept. He is a natural leader of people, whilst remaining very much an ensemble player – bringing the best out of the team he works with. His own company, Studio Mistral produces fantastic, original creations, and as a freelancer Filippi responds quickly and professionally to commission. I have little doubt that Filippi will continue with his enormously successful and admired work for long time to come. I highly recommend him – a genuinely and naturally brilliant director”.

 (Susannah Tresilian – Theatre Director and BBC radio producer)


“I’ve had the privilege to know Francesco Filippi through his outstanding films, as well as through my collaborations with him. Creativity and a great moral sense are hallmarks of his work, as evidenced by the many awards he has won around the world. His creativity is not only artistic, but also expresses itself in his ability to collaborate and work in non-traditional ways, his capacity for adaptation and for transforming any problem into an opportunity. He is an inexhaustible worker and a faithful friend on the job. It’s rare to find quality and quantity together; Francesco is blessed with both”.

(Michele Fasano – Sattva Films)