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Animated Mind (AnimataMente)

These animated social spots were done by many high school students from the town of Lucca and Province. Each film was done using a webcam in 6 hours of workshop. I was involved as media-educator and general director. In each group I led the students’ brainstorming, helping them to come up with a precise idea in just one hour. In the remaining time the students animated the objects and acted as well.

English subtitled

Original version

The project was supported by several institutions and coordinated by Lucca Comics & Games. It gave us many satisfactions, both doing it and showing it.


Screenplay, animation: high school students from the town of Lucca and province.
Production: Lucca Comics & Games, Forum Provinciale Permanente per la Prevenzione delle Dipendenze delle Sostanze Psicoattive.
Producers: Sarah Genovese, Francesco Filippi
Schools: ISI Barga, ITCG Benedetti, ITCG Campedelli, ISI Civitali, IPIA Giorgi, ITG Nottolini, ISI Pertini, ITCT Piaggia, LS Vallisneri.
Coordination: Prefettura di Lucca
Media-education and supervision: Francesco Filippi
Editing: Francesco Filippi
Voice-over: Lucia Gadolini
Music: Atomic Cat, Fryderyk Chopin, Jonay, LeXa, X3mpt, J.S.Bach, ED3-Studio, J.B. Strauss, Celestial Aeon Project.